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Area Rug Cleaning

Sherman Oaks Carpet Cleaning are known as the Los Angeles area leader when it comes to oriental rug, specialty rug and area rug cleaning.

Area rugs are known to enhance the beauty of any room aside form just covering floors. Typically, many fine-crafted area rugs are old and passed down from generation to generation. Because of this, only the best quality area rug cleaning is expected to ensure that heirloom will survive the test of time.

We know how important your area rug is to you and that is why we make sure our area rug cleaning technicians are fully qualified to clean every type of fine area rugs. Before getting started, we will meet with you to thoroughly access your area rug by checking for any signs of any discoloration, pre-existing damage, wear and tear, fading, stains, odor and more. If more convenient, we can arrange to pick up your area rug from your location and deliver it back to you once it is completed. Did you know by having proper care and continuous maintenance of your area rug, it is the secret to make it last a lifetime.

With any area rug coming in contact with feet traffic, will eventually get worn, and there is nothing that can be done about it. To ensure your area rug stays in the very best condition is making sure regular professional area rug cleaning is performed. This way, by having a professional taking care of your area rug cleaning will help avoid damage going unnoticed and lessen the wear and tear of it.

The Different Kinds of Area Rugs

As you can only imagine, there are many different types of area rugs being sold in the market and in people’s homes. There are Persian and Oriental Rugs, which typically are handmade with traditional weaving and usually from countries like India, Turkey, Pakistan, Iran, Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya and other parts of the Middle East. Another type is handmade rugs, and these types are made of a combination with exclusive sewing machines. Handmade rugs are found all around the world. Finally, machine made rugs are another type of area rug, which are rugs that are made by machines using synthetic fibers. It makes the most sense to have an area rug cleaning at least annually to help preserve your rug.

Area Rug Cleaning

Area Rug Cleaning

Area Rug Cleaning

Water Damage

One of the most unpleasant forms of damage to any rug is damage caused by water damage. The perfect world would be having area rug cleaning done as soon as any water damage takes place, but for many people either they don’t want to bother or just don’t think water damage can affect their rug. It is important to know that any water damage can potentially weaken or even ruin the rug. When a rug has water damage, it would be best to consult with a professional about area rug cleaning right away to determine the best plan for area rug cleaning your particular rug.

Those who have a basement and have an area rug to cover the floor are more at risk for potential water damage down the road. Basements do get damp and cold, especially the concrete floor. This means your rug is exposed to moisture and can experience water damage. This is why, fine area rugs should be kept in dry and clean areas to avoid possible water damage. No matter if your rug is exposed to water or moisture, it is always best to have a professional area rug cleaning to keep the rug free of any water damage issues.

Pet Damage

If you have a pet, whether or a dog or a cat, you will probably experience some sort of damage or stains on your area rug over time, especially puppies with their teeth and young cats with their claws can potentially cause area rug damage. With training, puppies can be trained to help lessen or prevent damage to your area rug. Really the only that can be done with cats is get their front claws at least declawed if they will remain indoors to help prevent damage to your area rug. Whether you have a pet or not, it makes perfect sense to have area rug cleaning done regularly.

Sun Damage

Many may not even realize how much the sun can actually damage your rug. Your area rug exposed to the sung can cause all sorts of damage over time. Fading takes place when rugs are exposed to too much sun and to help decrease fading, it is recommended to diffuse the sunlight. You can easily diffuse the sunlight just by doing something simple like adding a sheer drape to your window, then it will still provide sunlight in the room but diffuse the rays to help lessen sunlight damage. Regardless if your rug is in direct contact with the sun or not, you can help protect your rug by having area rug cleaning done yearly.

Rug Vacuum & Steam Extraction Cleaning

While during the pre-vacuum process of area rug cleaning, the removal of as much of any loose dirt and dry soil will be removed. In addition, each rug is thoroughly tested in advance for colorfastness before any area rug cleaning. On top of that, we only use the best Eco-friendly cleaning products safe for your specific rug.

Drying the Rug

Once your rug is thoroughly cleaned, it is hung on a drying rack and carefully positioned for the moisture to be removed from it. After your rug is completely dried, we will carry out a final inspection to be sure that the rug is cleaned. If at that time we feel your rug is not as clean as it should be, we will start the entire area rug cleaning process over again.

You will definitely be pleased with the results of how clean and vibrant looking your rug will be once it has had a professional area rug cleaning by our professionals. After we are completely satisfied with your rug. Also, we offer professional carpet cleaning, upholstery cleaning, tile and grout cleaning services, too!